Westfield, Indiana clients seeks a clean pond and a yard to be proud of.

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/files/i/current/lawn-maintenance.pngLandscape Maintenance

This newly constructed home is located right off a golf course in Westfield, where the back of the home overlooks the fairway and a pond that creates a peaceful setting across the yard. We performed design and installation of their new landscape and have since performed property maintenance. They have received weekly mowing, bed care, seasonal flowers, winter decorations, holiday lighting, lawn care treatments, irrigation management and pond maintenance.


  • The pond presented an issue throughout the summer due to an excess of algae build up.
  • In the front of the home, we experienced struggling plant material and damaged turf.
  • Controlling the ivy growth on the brick located on the exterior of the home.


  • Consulted a pond supplier and decided to use an Ion Gen system after performing a cost analysis of the Ion Gen system versus our weekly cleaning service.
  • Referred the plant material and turf issues to our design/build team to recommend solutions. The team tilled the existing soil and amended it with nutrition rich soil to create a layer of good, healthy soil for the turf to grow on. We excavated the soil around the trees and installed new topsoil to provide good nutrients. Replaced existing trees with ones that could prosper better in the yard.
  • Becker performed weekly service on the ivy to control the growth.


The pond showed improvement due to the Ion Gen system slowing the algae growth which cut the time it took to maintain the pond.

Monitoring the ivy growth has helped keep it under control. Home owner is pleased with our effort to keep the ivy growth controlled.