Fishers, Indiana homeowners wanted space to entertain.


This home sits atop a hill in a wooded area of mature oaks, sycamore, and ash trees, bordered by a large lake.  The property is seven acres with a meandering driveway towards the private residence and an overlook of the surrounding lake, creating a sense of welcome and relaxation.

The client likes to entertain large groups of people and wants to provide easy access for guest drop-off, generous room for parking, and comfortable/elegant outdoor gathering spaces for events and parties.  The client also wanted to provide views of the lake and pathways from the top terrace to the bottom terrace.


  • Steep slopes in the backyard that make it difficult to navigate between the hilltop and the lake.
  • The garage and the terrace share a combined space with no barrier.
  • Wooded area blocks scenic lake view.


  • A stone pathway connects the hilltop terrace to the lower terrace, which encourages exploration through flowering gardens, and access to the backyard and lake beyond.
  • The hilltop terrace was used to balance the elevation issues between the garage area and the terrace. Walls, columns, and plantings were used to visually separate the garage from the terrace.
  • Becker cleared the understory plantings in the backyard and wooded valley to create open views to the lakefront.


We incorporated a broad gently meandering driveway with large beds of flowering perennials and trees leading to a decorative paved drop off flanked by large flowering planter urns.  A bluestone terrace was installed on the hilltop and lower level of the house to create an inviting space for quiet reflection throughout the day and evening, directing views out toward the lake.