Caring for your trees in the winter season

by Matthias Rich, ISA Certified Arborist


Dormant Pruning 

Did you know winter is the best time to work on your trees?  By pruning your tree in the winter you are doing minimal damage, there aren’t pests and pathogens floating around ready to enter the new cuts, and early in the spring is when the tree will seal the most around a wound.  The tree is still alive and it has stored almost of its nutrients in the roots for the winter.  There are so many advantages to working on a tree in the winter it is amazing more people don’t do it! 

If you look at any orchard, they prune their trees in the winter to get them ready for fruit bearing later in the season. You want to keep your fruit trees low to the ground and the center open so you can easily pick fruit and they ripen evenly.  Fruit trees produce the most fruit on branches that are angled up at 30-60 degrees.  Different types of fruit trees can handle different amounts of pruning.

All trees react to pruning, damage, and other circumstances.  One reaction we encourage and enjoy is a fruit tree under certain stress.  By pruning the right amount of a fruit tree, it thinks it is dying, so it produces more seeds. The seeds are located in the fruit, so that means the tree actually produces more fruit! 

There are many reasons to prune your trees while they are dormant.  The people that take advantage of that reap the benefits for their healthy and beautiful trees.  Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean your trees can’t be cared for by our Becker Landscape Certified Arborists!

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